Flip the script to get your dream job

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Are you holding yourself back from your dream job? Perhaps you lack confidence, or self-esteem or maybe you suffer from feelings of insecurity in the face of mounting pressure at work. You’re not alone. All of us have an inner voice that brings up doubts and fears. It can hold you back from going after […]

How to talk to young people about careers

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The dreaded career convo. It’s tense, it’s hard and it’s uncomfortable. I am sure any young person these days cringes at the thought of the career conversation with their parents. The daunting process of putting yourself out there, trying to fulfill your parent’s expectations and making sure you don’t lock yourself into soul-destroying career, are […]

How to make your resume stand out

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We’ve all been there. Staring at your resume for a solid 10 minutes that you drudged up on some folder from 2015 and thinking… is this still relevant?  Can I still use my resume for this job?  Am I missing anything? Sometimes this part of the job search is the most overwhelming and we are […]