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For young people

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Age: 16 to 24 years

Location: North West, West Coast

> You have had at least 2 paid lessons with a certified driving instructor (if you are unable to afford these, please reach out to YFCC) 
> You are looking for assistance in driving lessons to support your pathway to secure employment.
> Are new or existing participants of WNWW or YFCC
Questions on this program? Please call 6423 6635

The program is currently over-subscribed. YFCC have a wait list for future participants. To be included on the wait list , please complete the enquiry form on their website and they will contact you as vacancies become available. You will also be sent their regular program e-newsletter to keep you informed.



14th December 2023 

North West Driver Mentor Program Launches 

A partnership between West North West Working (WNWW) and Youth, Family and Community Connections (YFCC) has resulted in a pilot program aimed at addressing one of the main barriers impacting young people accessing employment on the North West Coast. 

The inability to obtain a driver’s licence is a major barrier for young people trying to gain employment or training. A recent survey conducted by WNWW backed up the anecdotal evidence that not having a driver’s licence has long been an issue for young people, particularly in rural and remote areas of our State. Many jobs require a licence, and work is often found some distance from home and outside the availability of bus services. 

76% of WNWW survey participants indicated they are impacted by barriers towards obtaining their licence. These barriers include having access to a suitable vehicle and finding someone to sit next to them while they build up their hours and the cost of lessons and driving tests.  

The North West Driver Mentor program will provide two driver mentors based at either end of the region. Their primary role is to enable young people to build or complete their minimum 80 hours driving time required to sit for their P plate test. 

“With an increase in demand for qualified trades over the next 5 years, along with the high demand for employees across all sectors in the North West, it is imperative we remove this major barrier to young people’s participation in the workforce,” said WNWW Program Manager Danielle Kidd 

The Program will run over the next 28 months. The activities of Driver mentors will not replicate or compete with the existing services provided by Driver Training schools. The Driver mentors will not be providing tuition, rather the Program provides a vehicle and supervising driver to support young people to log their compulsory hours through mentored driving sessions.  

Once driver mentors are trained, sessions will be booked for young people across the region, including the West Coast. These sessions will commence in the first part of 2024. 

Initial eligibility for the program is for young North West Coasters aged between 16-24 who are new or existing clients of WNWW or YFCC looking for work. While receiving driver mentoring, young people will also receive support from YFCC and WNWW staff who specialise in developing employability skills. YFCC can also support young people to address other barriers such as homelessness or unstable accommodation, drug and alcohol issues and mental health concerns. The program is a great opportunity for young people on the North West Coast to prepare themselves for work and secure meaningful employment.“YFCC delivers a number of youth-focused employment programs and have supported hundreds of young people into further education, training and employment. This driver mentor program provides yet another opportunity for young people to skill themselves up to ensure they are ready and able to enter the workforce,” said YFCC Operations Manager Graham Marshall. 

To access the driver mentor sessions, young people will be required to have had at least 2 paid lessons with a certified driving instructor. The program will fund these paid lessons for those participants unable to afford them. 

The program is funded by the Tasmanian Community Fund (TCF), an independent Fund that supports and strengthens Tasmanian communities by distributing funds to those communities, and the Tasmanian Government through Jobs Tasmania. 

“The TCF is strategically focused in removing barriers to learning and employment. This program will have such a positive impact on the lives of those who struggle to get their 80 hours of driving time completed so they can sit for their P plate test. Being able to assist young people in rural and remote areas of the state to get their license and have the freedom and flexibility to access education and employment will have life-changing impacts,” said TCF Chairperson Sally Darke. 

If you are aged between 16 and 24 and interested in participating in this program to increase your employability skills, please contact West North West Working at or YFCC at or call 6423 6635. 





West North West Working 

Brooklyn Jaxx, Regional Communications and Connections Officer 

0490 865 448  | 

Youth Family Child Community 

Graham Marshall, Operations Manager

0499 101 313  |

NWDP_Danielle Kidd(WNWW) Graham Marshall (YFCC) and Parker Tuckett
NWDP_Danielle Kidd(WNWW) Graham Marshall (YFCC) and Parker Tuckett