Recruitment Referral Program

Recruitment Referral Program

You’ve gone through the endless resumes.

You’ve soldiered on through the gruelling interview process and you’ve found the perfect match for your business…

Then, the buzzkill starts.

You need to contact all the other unsuccessful candidates to give them the bad news…

Let us take the pressure off you and soften the blow! Give your unsuccessful applicants valuable support through our Recruitment Referral Program.

What is the Recruitment Referral Program?

As the Regional Jobs Hub for the North West, West Coast and King Island, here at West North West Working we understand that 97% of businesses across the region are small to medium-sized businesses.

Which means you’re working on your business 24/7, handling accounting, rostering, sales and managing business as usual. We understand what the strain of a recruitment drive can have on a business owner.

We developed the Recruitment Referral Program as a way to alleviate the pressure on business owners. Allow us to support you and the unsuccessful candidates who are still searching for meaningful employment and training opportunities within our region.

Why should my business participate in this program?

Not only will this free program allow you t provide =unsuccessul candidates with further support in their area, it means we can start to address and assist those who need a little extra support or awareness around job searching, resume writing etiquette and interview standards.


Having this support means they will be better equipped in their next application, reducing the stressful and tiresome process for both the job seeker around their skills and attributes that will help them get their next role and allow them to confidently work within their region.

What is included in the recruitment referral program?

We have a package of custom designed flyers and scripting for you to use at the different recruitment stages. This allows you to respond to unsuccessful applicants with ease and confidence knowing you are referring them to a free support service that specialises in connecting our community members to their desired employment, education and training opportunities.
You will receive templates and resources that you can refer to and use during your next recruitment process.

When do I refer unsuccessful candidates tHROUGH the program?

  Scenario One:
You’re sifting through the resumes, narrowing down on the pool of candidates for the interview round. Any of those candidates that did not make it through to the interview round can be referred to our service. This is a great opportunity for us to work with our communities and address some key aspects to the job search and application expectations.

  Scenario Two:

You’ve completed your interviews, offered your chosen candidate the role and getting the ball rolling with their onboarding. You can refer those who were unsuccessful to West North West Working as an extra measure to support them through this process.

Note that candidates may not wish to engage with us, and that’s ok, but it’s a good way to offer free support to them if they need it and allows you to offer something positive to unsuccessful job seekers.



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