Flip the script to get your dream job

Flip the script to get your dream job

Are you holding yourself back from your dream job? Perhaps you lack confidence, or self-esteem or maybe you suffer from feelings of insecurity in the face of mounting pressure at work. You’re not alone.

All of us have an inner voice that brings up doubts and fears. It can hold you back from going after the next big job, or even applying for it in the first place. So how do you work through them?

Separate feelings from fact

We all have fears. That’s natural. It’s what keeps us from stepping off a cliff into the unknown. But when our fears get in the way of pursuing our goals, we need another perspective. Fear is part feeling and part fact. When you feel anxious about something, separate out your feelings from objective facts. If you think about the worst-case scenario, and then make an action plan if that were ever to occur, it removes some of the fear of the unknown as you have a plan for it. Try it out and see if it works for you.

Let go of perfectionism

Perfectionism is, in many ways, self-sabotage. So much so that you never actually shoot for what you want at all. If you’re still aspiring to be in your dream job, don’t let perfectionism stop you from moving forward.

Reflect on failures and celebrate successes

Failure is an essential part of success when it comes to learning — in life and at work. Reflecting on both your successes and failures will help you grow as a person and as an employee at any company. In reflecting on your failures and successes, try to understand why you feel these ups and downs. Exploring the why will really help you understand yourself better and allow you to develop better strategies for when things don’t go to plan. Also take the time daily to reflect on your wins. These could be as small as cleaning your workspace, to clearing out your inbox! Reframing your mindset will help you achieve your goals a lot sooner and also encourage you to aim for bigger a better things.

Develop healthy responses to doubt & fear

If you spend any amount of time in the workplace, you will encounter fear sooner or later. Fear is a natural feeling and it is also a sign that you are handling your work responsibly. But fear can also lead to anxiety and stress, especially if you do not know how to confront it. Here are some tips to respond in a healthy way to doubt & fear

  • Look at it from both sides. Is your doubt rational? Are the circumstances you are faced with and the response to the situation in proportion to what is happening?
  • Flip the script, change those ‘What if it doesn’t work out’ to ‘What if this is a smashing success’
  • Talk to a trusted colleague, friend or family member. Sometimes just expressing it out loud can make you realise it isn’t as bad as it seems and you will feel more at ease.


You want to stay confident in the workplace, but with work and life stress it can be difficult. Self-care is one thing that helps you stay on top of your game so that you can be the most effective version of yourself. Top tips to remember:

  • Drink plenty of water during the day. Even if you are in front of a computer for you 9-5 doesn’t mean you’ll be able to problem solve well when you’re dehydrated!
  • Stretch. Stretch. Stretch. Make sure you take regular breaks to stretch your legs and get some of that step count, we aren’t designed to stay stationary for 8 hours a day. Your body will thank you.
  • Make sure you have a solid routine for your mornings and afternoons. Allowing yourself time to exercise or wind down will really get you on your way to confidence in the workplace as it gives you time to goal set and reflect on the day.

Visualise success

What if you could have a tool that you could review every week to help inspire, motivate, and educate you to achieve your goals?

Vision Boards!

Your Vision Board is a tool that helps you achieve success. A vision board is an easy way of visualizing your hopes, dreams, goals, and wishes. You can use it to create powerful motivation or a sense of urgency around the things you really want. Put on it images of holidays you would like to go on. Maybe even buying your first house? Add inspiring quotes and mentors you aspire to be. It doesn’t matter what your goals are, vision boards are a good reference tool for those days you just aren’t feeling yourself and you need to put your mind back on track.

Have a game plan

Success doesn’t just happen on a whim. You must have a plan in place and steps that will take you to your desired career heights. Sometimes reverse engineering your pathway is the easiest way to work out your next steps.

  • Have a goal for your dream job
  • Research on whether you need training, skills or qualifications – where can you complete these, and how long do they take?
  • Commit to your future by planning out a schedule of mini-milestones
  • Don’t be hard on yourself if your plan goes a little sideways, sometimes the unbeaten path is exactly the journey you should take.

If you are looking for more support in your career confidence, be sure to reach out to the team for one-on-one support or attend one of your Career Confidence workshops.