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From Sheffield to Strahan, and everywhere in between, at West North West Working, our priority is the people, business and industry of King Island, North West and West Coast. We will take the time to listen and respond to the specific needs of each community as we are committed to supporting people seeking work as they navigate through the many paths to employment.

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Our Place

We live in the most diverse and beautiful part of our country and we are so fortunate to call it home. You don’t have to go far to see the changing landscapes, abundant agriculture, great hospitality, the breadth of manufacturing and mining, and innovative businesses developed within our regional communities. Tasmanians know how to embrace our natural wonders and carve out their place within this beautiful state. The North West, West Coast and King Island are brimming with employment and business opportunities. The West North West Working team would like to connect you with your next steps on your job or business journey.

Our Communities

Our regions are abundant with a variety of job opportunities and employment potential, but navigating the complex employment system can be overwhelming and daunting at the best of times. This is where the friendly team at West North West Working step in. Our team is place-based, so you know it is locals helping locals. They are passionate about connecting our community with the best possible pathway. Whether you’re leaning towards study, you’re looking to engage in more training or develop your skills to advance your career goals, we can assist you towards achieving success for your future.

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Our Possibilities

Home to dark red basalt soil, rich in minerals and in the path of the roaring 40s, the North West and West Coasts and King Island have many possibilities for employers and job seekers alike. Our industrial and manufacturing past have combined to create a world leading advanced manufacturing industry. Our environment provides opportunities for renewable energy, aquaculture, forestry and mining. A place of great beauty, adventure, history, amazing food and specialty drinks beckons visitors to our shores.

If you are looking for skills development or career opportunities, get in touch with our team so we can start the conversation on how we can get you there.

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